From Camden Whitehead, architect:

2004 Winder Street is a brick carriage house in the Byrd Park area of Richmond, a block from the Virginia Home. I speculate that the carriage house was accessory to a structure that was on the park and torn down and it likely dates from the late 19th or early 20th century.  The house was covered with wisteria and poison ivy when purchased. There were no doors or windows. There was a dirt floor. There had been a fire that damaged the second floor. I restored the house from 1983-93, working on nights, weekends and after I started teaching, during vacations.

The house is a study in the architects and artists that I admired at the time. The house is handmade. I milled the lumber that you see. I constructed everything that you see that is attached.  The work experimented with ideas and introduced the trades. Along the way, my work on the house built a small community in everyone else’s backyard.  

date:  06.04.2014

speakers:  Camden Whitehead, Therese Lange

time:  5:30-7:30, speakers at 6:15 with short Q&A following.  Guests are welcome to tour the home before and after the speakers.

cost:  Modern Richmond events are free, but a suggested cash donation of $5 per person is appreciated.

location:  2004 Winder St, Richmond VA 23220

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